What you need to know about interstate removal

Moving Furniture Interstate

When choosing interstate furniture removals, it can be hard to find one that is reliable, responsible and well trained – whether you’re moving from Sydney to Perth, or from Melbourne to Brisbane. You should be looking for a well-regarded, safety-oriented and licenced company. They should ask you questions about what needs to be moved, where it needs to be moved from as well as how many rooms need to be packed and transported. They should listen and take notes on the job so that they can give you the most accurate quote possible. With this in mind, you need to seek several quotes from many different companies.

Once you start looking seriously at a removalist, you should also start looking at their safety codes for employees. If they have none then this indicates that they will be unreliable as they will most likely have a higher rate of employee injuries, leaving them unable to lift heavier objects or complete certain jobs. The level of care that they have for their employees will indicate the level of care that they will have for your possessions.

The price of furniture removals can and will vary greatly between companies and strategies, however one must keep in mind what the cost of such service actually intakes. The amount that you’re paying covers a number of things, not just the move itself. You’re paying for things like wages, super, workers comp, admin, the truck, diesel and tax… and this is without any profit to the company. Because of this, you can be assured that if you’re paying a very low price then the company is probably lacking in one of these departments, which is a gamble because if the wages are low, the staff are less likely to do things like turn up on time, respect their jobs and deliver a good service. This isn’t to say that you should not look for the lowest price; it’s just to point out that if the price is insanely low then you’re probably going to have issues.

Moving house, packagingHowever, to minimise the cost of the service there are some things you can do. Try things like self-packing and moving most of your belongings to the room closest to where the truck may be. You could also try taking the smaller, lighter and less inconvenient items yourself. The less the furniture removalists have to do; the less you have to pay.

It’s simple. If you’re looking at interstate furniture removals, you will obviously be looking at paying more. For removal companies you may be looking at prices up to $10,000 obviously depending on where you’re going. For example, moving from South Queensland to North New South Wales is going to cost much less than moving from Darwin to Hobart. The bigger the distance, the more you’ll have to pay. Again, there are ways to minimise this cost- for example, back loading. A back loader is a dual-service system. For example, if you and your neighbour or someone in your suburb are both looking to move from Gold Coast to Perth, then both of you will share a truck. It will be delivered to your houses in Perth and then the truck will pick someone else’s belongings in the area who wish to move to Brisbane. This is cheaper by thousands of dollars, however it can be risky.

You may end up with someone else’s belongings and vice versa, especially if the company doesn’t use an inventory. Ways to avoid mix-ups include mainly the same techniques as finding a good furniture removalist.  Check their reviews, their prices and their policies. Make sure you get insurance and check that they use inventory with every job.

A good way to make sure you end up not only with all of your belongings but also to make sure nothing gets damaged or mistreated is by getting insurance, especially if you require furniture removals in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. You can get third party insurance, but if you’re with an ARFA member they will automatically offer it. This will cover goods in transportation and storage as well as accidental damage and theft. This means that if your items are damaged, stolen or lost while in the hands of said removalist then you are covered for the cost of the item. Home and contents insurance usually does not cover transportation and storage issues because they’re no longer in the home.

Transport times between states and territories will vary greatly in the same way price will. The larger the distance, the more it will cost and the longer it will take.

Different states and territories also have different laws on things you cannot bring in when it comes to furniture removals. This includes things like plants, animals, fruits and vegetables. To find more information on this topic, click here.

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